Fort Ord 25 km_Race Report

First of all a huge thanks to all of the Volunteers with Inside Trail (link) who encouraged all of the runners at the front of the pack and the back with the same amount of enthusiasm and really helped me get over some of the lows that happen during any endurance event.


I ran last year, enjoyed the course but hated the rainy start and slushy trails (Strava Link_2019).  I am a back of the pack runner and this year was especially hard because I  had been fighting a cold for a week.  My intent with this race was to stay within myself and save some legs for the last mile where I cramped up last year

This year it was a cool start with sun coming mid-morning.  I opted to only use one Hand Held with Tailwind and really focus on keeping my heart rate as low as I could no matter how I felt and I was able to complete the run without any cramps.


The first half of the race lulls you into hitting the downhills pretty hard and by the end of it you’re legs are zapped for the long climb out, but of course my legs were zapped from the get go because I was getting over the cold. My favorite part of the course was seeing a few people run with their dogs. Next year I will definitely have to bring Vista along the course itself is one I will go back to again and again.

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